Sunday, June 17, 2007


I took a trip down to Pike Place Market yesterday and captured a few shots of the market. I figured you all would enjoy.


KC MO Garden Guy said...

Great pictures, well except the fish one!!!

We don't have a market around here like that. Looks like a wonderful place to shop.

Bob said...

Yes, it's really fun to go and shop there. It's actually world famous and a popular tourist spot. We Seattlites are big into fish especially salmon. And cooper river salmon is the best tasting and only available 6 weeks a year. Pikes Place Market has many vendors but is best know for the fish throwers, which throw their fish when you purchase it. One person tosses and the other catches and bags the fish. It very entertaining.

lisa said...

Looks like a great place! I've always thought that if I didn't live here, the Pacific northwest would be a good choice-seems like a lot of good nurseries are based there (especially Forestfarm in Oregon).