Thursday, June 14, 2007


Huechera 'Peach Melba' is a delicious combination of watermelon, peach, and apricot tones keeping its foliage through out the year( in my area). It's a wonderful complement to Hostas, Astilbes, Coleus, Ferns and other partial shade plants. Preferring moist well drained soil and light fertilization through out the growing season keeps it looking its best. In early spring I give mine a clean up removing any spent leaves from Winter. This Huechera is grown for its foliage so many gardeners cut off flower stalks as they develop to show case their leaves. I really love this plant as well as all Huecheras and well feature others I have in my garden in the future.


MrBrownThumb said...

Hey Bob,

Thanks for this post I've been looking for some new Heucheras to add to the garden and I may go with this one.


lisa said...

Have you seen any hardiness issues with some of these peachy-leafed cultivars? I have murdered both this one and 'Lime Ricky'-twice each! (Of course you've seen my heuchera problems on my blog...could just be me! ;-)

Anonymous said...

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