Saturday, June 09, 2007


I first spotted this plant on a tour of Herronswood Nursery several years back. I love the umbel shaped flowers, and the clear rose-pink colour was an attractive choice for one of my mixed borders. So I purchased 2 liners of this perennial and looked forward to getting it into the ground. The staff at Herronswood spoke highly of this plant and I haven't been disappointed. It blooms in Mid-Spring along with the late Euphorbias (of which it's a great complement) and is very low maintenance. Requiring full sun and good drainage are a most and it well produce weeks of colour. The flowers hover above the leaves giving this perennial a lite airy look. And the fern like foliage has an apple fragrance when cut and looks very pleasing even when not in bloom. For the first time mine are ready to divide after 4 years which shows that this plant is easy to keep in its place. Six weeks after it finishes blooming I cut it to the ground and it flushes new growth which looks great to the end of Fall.


LostRoses said...

That's really lovely. As the Brits say, "What's this called when it's at home?" The name is quite a mouthful!

Bob said...

It is quite a name. It sometimes is called Pink Cow Parsley. Not to great of name for such a beautiful perinnial :)

warmest regards form one rose lover to another.


Anonymous said...

Just want to correct you - That is Heronswood Nursery

Pook said...

I also got this plant from Heronswood and love it!! Hardy to zone 4, I'm at 7800 ft. It blooms early summer for me.

flowerpower said...

Also known as Hairy Chervil, it can cope with damp and partial shade too. I'm on the Pennine Moors, so am always pleased to find perennials that will thrive here.

It's a very generous plant and will seed around as well as bulking up into good size clumps in no time at all.

Can't understand why we don't see it in every garden centre?

Anonymous said...

You can also eat the roots, tastes like potatoe

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