Monday, June 11, 2007


Well, June has arrived and it's the time of the year that the Delphiniums are in full glory. The type that I grow are the 'Pacific Giant' series and stand about five feet. I've had mine only three years and I find that the real trick with them is they need tremendous amounts of organic material in the soil. Plus, they can't dry out in summer! So I have them located with some Longiflorum lilies and other plants that appreciates well drained moist soil. This year, each clump has about 12 to 15 spikes, which gives quite a show. And are in several shades of blue, from pale to cobalt, and parrot to midnight. Definitely a head turner in the garden. I just started from seed some Pacific Giant 'Summer Skies' which is a medium blue hybrid. They only have their first few leaves, but can't wait to see them in bloom ( about 2 years from now). Well as I often say " Sow with patients, reap a full harvest "


LostRoses said...

Well, that explains my lack of showy delphiniums - I don't know the tricks! They do fall over here immediately, requiring a bit of staking to keep them off the ground, but the color of yours! Lovely.

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Great job with the Delphinums!!! I need to try your way of growing them to see if I can get them to last more than 2 years. Do you have to stake them?

Bob said...

Yes, Cliff you have too. That's the reason I only have close ups. I hog tied them late when the buds were opening and so them don't have that strong verticle look like usually. Still they are beautiful.