Friday, March 13, 2009


Well it's that time of year that the seed starting gets kicked off. I'm ambitious this year with
starting many more types of seeds than usually. All get started inside with a seed starting technique that I have done for years. I can share on that in a later post. The above are some sweet pea starts, which I'm acclimating to outside conditions. Below is a list of what I'll be sprouting this Spring. I'll let you know on how they are doing.

Sweet Pea 'North Shore'
Sweet Pea 'Cupani's Original'
Sweet Pea 'April in Paris'
Ipomopsis (Hummingbird Mix)
Silene 'Jack Flash'
Gomphrena 'Fireworks'
Viola 'Amber Kiss'
Zinnia (Border Beauty Hybrid Mix)
Zinnia (Cut and Come Again Mix)
Zinnia (Giant Cactus Flower Mix)
Tithonia 'Sundance'
Pumpkin 'Rouge Vif d'Etampes'
Sweet Basil
Sweet Basil 'Red Rubin'
Thunbergia Alata 'Superstar Orange'
Mina lobata
Sunflowers (Mixed Hybrid Collection)
Limnathes douglasii
Nolana (Sun Belle Mix)
California Poppy (Fruit Crush)
Marigold (Zenith Mix F1 Hybrid)
Torenia (Happy Faces Hybrid Mix)

This well keep me busy for a while. I'll share pictures of how they are doing or when they are blooming in future posts.

douglasii - named after David Douglas
plants with this word - Limanthes douglasii (Poached Egg flower)


Catherine said...

I am ready to start seeds also, next week~Can't wait! Nice selections,.. I think I get more ambitious each year, & sow more & more seeds ~It is addictive! I am interested in hearing you seed starting technique & seeing pics of your plants when they are blooming!
Lots of luck!

Alexander said...


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lisa said...

I'm interested in your method too, especially since I'm trying indoor seed starting for the first time in many years...I'm kinda scared! I like your list, I'm planning on several veggies, and I'm wondering where I'll put them all. (IF they grow, that is! :)

Bob said...

Yes, seed starting is very addictive.
In the future I'll share some tips on seed starting inside. Especially for those of us that don't have a greenhouse.

Bob said...

Lisa, I'm sure you'll do well with the seed sprouting.I always start more than I have space for, so I give out a lot of starts.
Always glad to see you stop by.

Kathleen said...

I popped over here from Shady Gardeners blog. Looking at your sweet pea seedlings reminded me that I didn't order any this year. Last year I bought some at the nursery but by the time I planted it was too hot for them. I don't have a greenhouse either but still enjoy starting seeds. I usually have a good germination rate then it gets tricky after that because of lighting. I always feel better when they can go out into the garden. Nice garden show shots ~ I like all the natural materials being used too.

Karen said...

Hi Bob -

Nice to meet you today! How did I miss your blog before? I will have to catch up and look at your archives. Glad you could make it, and hope to see you at another SAGBUTT gathering soon! And not just because of all the plants you might bring. :)

Oh, I figured how why I thought you looked familiar - do people ever tell you that you look a bit like Augusten Burroughs?

Hopefully you had a happier childhood than he did!!

Oh man, I should not write comments past midnight. Anyway, good to meet you and happy seed shepherding!