Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I toured the garden today anxiously seeing what's sprouting. I was happy to see this years tulips are going strong, already standing about 3 inches high. It's always amazing how quickly they grow, knowing that in 6 to 7 weeks they will be in full bloom. Generally I grow my tulips in containers primarily because of a constant vole problem I have. In additional its great having them portable to move them closer while in colour. The above picture is of last years tulips. I traditionally plant in solid varieties (for more impact) and roughly 150 to 200 hundred every year. Some feel that its a waste of money but to me it's not a big expense for the joy I get out of them. Plus I often give out extra pots to brighten up friends and neighbors doorsteps.
The two pictured are Tulipa fosteriana 'Juan' (orange and yellow tulip) and Tulipa greggii 'Red Riding Hood' (red tulip). I'm a big fan of hybrids like these because they tend to be early bloomers and they have beautifully mottled foliage so they look interesting even before they bloom.
In Spring container gardening it's really hard to top the overall
impact of a large pot of tulips.

malacoides - soft, supple
plant with this word - Primula malacoides


KC MO Garden Guy said...

Hey Bob!! Welcome back! I too love the tulips but here the deer eat them before they get a chance to bloom.
Looking forward to seeing more posts from you!

Bob said...

Sorry about the deer. Try it still, sometimes the deer wont go all the way up on a deck next to the house.

Take care, BOB

Anonymous said...

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Birthday Flowers Chennai said...

WOW these look incredible, Thanks for sharing!