Sunday, July 22, 2007


I have always enjoyed my Summer Phlox (Phlox paniculata). It's continues to be a mainstay in the mixed borders, going strong in the hottest time of year (for us in the Pacific Northwest). I love the spicy fragrance that seem to intensify in the warm July evenings. The hybrids that I've selected are mildew resistant, which can be a problem in our moist climate and are real butterfly magnets.
The only challenge in growing them is that the base joints are weak and can break easily in a down poor or strong wind. As with my peonies, I have support cages for them but always seem to forget to put them out in spring. At least the cages make decorative wall hanging in the garage :/


Anonymous said...

I like Phlox because its the name of a Star Trek character.

Nice new color loayout btw -- it looks great!

Anonymous said...

HA HA, about the garage decorations.

i always get pinks and phlox mixed up as to which is which. no matter, they add so much color to my garden too.

lisa said...

That's one benefit of our dry weather here-no powdery mildew! Phlox are one of my fav's also.

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Oh you decorate the garage wall also! I thought I was the only one. ;)
The deer and I both love the phlox. I just wish they could wait until after they bloom to eat them. My phlox have been eaten off twice by the deer and they are finally getting close to budding. I hope I can keep them safe for a couple more weeks.

Andrea's Garden said...

Phlox was one of the first perennials when I planned my first flower bed. This year I treated myself to white and blue phlox. There are some tricks how to extend the blooming. If you cut some of them back when they start growing, they will reflourish later after the first ones are done. I also cut them back right away, so their strength is not put into creating seeds. They usually have a second bloom as well.

Bob said...

Becky, Glad you stopped by. Didn't know if you knew. But you were one of the first blogs I would frequent.

Happy gardening, BOB

Lisa, I hope those little bambi's don't get to your Phlox. It's nice not to have to deal with the mildew.
A lot less spraying with fungicides.

Warmest regards, BOB

Cliff, It sounds like venison should be in your diet soon. There is nothing better than a venison steak on a beautiful fall afternoon enjoying a yard in full bloom :)

You're the greatest, BOB

Andrea, thanks for the tip. I do that on my Delphiniums. But haven't heard it works on tall phlox. I have to try it.

with warmest regards, BOB

lisa said...

I'd been told by my mom that you should cut tall phlox back to @ 6" until roughly the 4th of july, then leave them to bloom-they'll be bushier and bloom better. But I'd never cut them back right after bloom, too....gotta try that this year.

Margareta said...

I have had my phlox for 3 years and it has never had a single blossom. Any ideas why my plox looks like a green bush?