Tuesday, July 10, 2007


In the back part of some of my beds I was looking for a large shrub that had beautiful year round foliage and the added benefit of flowers. Since many of the borders have an organized chaos going on with in them, many with combinations and groupings featuring each plants individual qualities, it's was important to have a back drop that adds a lovely green canvas to showcase the plants before them. Ceanothus was a natural pick. Dark forest green pleated leaves that are evergreen and rich cerulean blue flowers that the bees love. A West Coast native it is hardy in my area and once established requires little Summer water. This full sun plant is a fast grower, obtaining a height of 5 feet from one gallon can in just 3 years. There are many varieties of Ceanothus, from ground covers to large shrubs, dark green foliage to bright green and even variegated forms. The only true draw back about this plant, other that it can become a monster of a plant( so give it some space), is that it's short lived, lasting only 10 years. Unfortunately the picture doesn't really capture how blue these plants can be and other hybrids are in colours from white to cobalt.

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