Monday, July 23, 2007


This time of year the garden beds are brimming with foliage and flower. Besides looking full and lush an additional benefits is that little light reaches the soil surface. What's the benefit of this? It means their are fewer weeds in these areas. Why? Because the greater majority of garden weeds need direct sunlight to germinate.
So don't be afraid of really filling in those mixed borders and foundation planting. It not only looks great, but you might have a few less weeds :)


lisa said...

Good point...I've been coming around to the "cram, cram, cram" philosphy of plant spacing this year. I've noticed that it not only keeps weeds down, but the plants seem to survive drought better by keeping each other cool as well as preventing soil dry out. Previously I'd have thought the competition for water would be a problem, but not so much.

KC MO Garden Guy said...

I have always planted as much as I could in the beds but it wasn't to keep weeds down. It is because I always have more plants than I had space. Plus I always want instant gratification! But doesn't?

ps I like the face pic. Very handsome!!

Nicole said...

I love that lush, spillover effect.

Andrea's Garden said...

I am kind of like kc mo garden guy... I am often trying to find a spot where I could put in ONE MORE plant. :-) However, you are right, it does keep the weeds down. You cannot put mulch everywhere because some plants can't take it. I found Geraniums to be a great cover, too.

Bob said...

Lisa, I also love when beds are really full because they look more finished or mature. Plus I love everything about gardening except weeding.

Cliff, Thanks for the nice complement. When I saw yours I thought the same :)

Nicole, I totally agree with you. I especially like when the the beds spill over just in spurratic places. It soften the edge of the edging in my yard.

Andrea, I'm with you, There's always room for one more plant somewhere in the garden. I'm always surprised when I see a customer bring back one little 4" plant back at the nursery I buy for. I think they didn't have any space for that little plant and drove all the way back to get a refund on their $1.59. It doesn't make much since.
My God! give it to a neighbor if you don't have any more room.
BOB :)

p.s. geraniums do make a great cover, either Hardy or Ivy types.

clairesgarden said...

I always try to fill spaces too, and if something dies its a good excuse to go to the garden centre to buy more, I have never taken a plant back I find that really strange, if there was asomethign spare it would go in a pot. of course I might have to buy another pot. . .