Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I wanted to share some more photos and thoughts on Heucheras. The above picture is a newer hybrid called 'Citronella'. It's similar to the hybrid 'Lime Rickey' (which has been around for a few years) but I find that the leaves are larger and a paler chartreuse, more of a lemon-lime sorbet colour. Citronella as well as Lime Rickey are shade Heucheras not tolerating any hot afternoon sun. They work very well in a location under a open canopy. Planted in amongst dark green foliage and strong contrasting saturated coloured flowers shows off their unique shade.

Rosewood, Cinnabar, and Peach best describe the tones in my current favourite Huechera '
Peach Flambe'.
It can take more sun than 'Citronella' and performs best in a morning sun / afternoon shade location. Both Huecheras should be hardy with adequate mulching and I find cleaning up and replanting every so many year keeps Heucheras vigorous. 'Peach Flambe' is an unusual colour and has to be located carefully. It works well with other shade plants that have a gray tone ( like Hostas), and any peach or apricot coloured flower. Even red-violet, plum and burgundy coloured foliage and flowers complement this plant. With all the different Heucharas in the garden, I find they are not bothered by any disease or pests (even slugs and snails). As with many plants of their stature occasion light fertilization of any basic organic fertilizer or fish emulsion works great. In winter 'Peach flambe' foliage turns to plum, adding an extra quality to this plant.
Sound pretty delicious to me!


Kylee said...

I'm a big heuchera fan, but am about to lose my 'Plum Pudding.' :-( Not sure why, although it does appear to have heaved out of the ground somewhat. I have problems with them doing that in the winter, but never in the summer. However, this has been a very weird summer.

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Your heuchera look great. I love them but they haven't like me very much. They usally don't survive the winter and if they do they come back with just a few leaves. This year I splurged and bought a couple really nice looking gallon plants. Hopefully they will do better. Thanks for sharing!!

Bob said...

Kylee, Heucheras tend to groout and up. Mine do the same in regards to them heaving upward. Thats the reason why I replant them every so many years. To lower them back in the ground. Plus giving them mulch ( compost in spring and organic steer poop in fall) keeps them healthy and vigorous.
Hope this helps, BOB

Cliff try some of the above ideas, maybe it well improve their performance.
take care, BOB