Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I'm often asked if I have a favourite flower. I usually respond that I really enjoy all plants, from Geraniums to Orchids (of which I use to grow commercially for 12 years). But, in giving it some thought I realized that I do have some I prefer more than others. Echinops (Globe Thistle-- Echinops exaltatus) has to be near the top of the "preferred" list. It has some wonderful qualities that get it there. First, I love the look of it. It's like blue golf balls on a stick or a cactus on a stem. Second, it's an easy care full sun perennial that can go undivided for years. Third, it's really not bothered by diseases, bugs and is super hardy.
It's so different looking. Who would of thought that this thistle relative that is in the Asteraceae family would look so foreign rather than looking like a daisy. It's just a real cool plant.

Would love to hear about some of your "preferred" plant.


LostRoses said...

I swear I'm going to plant some of these one of these years, I love the look of them too. Also love your description - blue golf balls on a stick!

As for my "preferred" plants, the mallow family are some of my favorites, hollyhocks, hibiscus, lavatera, althea - I like them all. But I'm really fond of so many I can't choose. I passed by a stand of phlox this evening and smelling them, I thought I could never do without them! Good thing we have so much to choose from.

MrBrownThumb said...

Hey Bob,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I don't know which would be in my "preferred" list other than tender bulbs that don't overwinter here for me. I have a bit of zone denial.

Andrea's Garden said...

Have I told you thanks for adding me to your favorites? Nope... so here I am saying "thanks". :-)
I am getting into geraniums. This could be a serious addiction and I have a friend who always has some for me when I visit her. In the spring I like allium. I will get a bunch more for spring because they don't seem to intrude and take over a flower bed but provide elegant height.

Bob said...

Lostroses, I also like many of the mallow family members. They are great for that romantic border look with flowers with a bend. Meaning none stiff looking flowers.
I enjoy your blog and appreciate your comments, BOB

Mr Brownthumb. I also love the tender bulbs, I'll share pictures of my Dahlias later, and hope the Tigredia will bloom soon. Both of which winter over here. Would love Fressia, Ixia, and Sparaxis. Those South African bulbs are really cool. But are winters are to wet, so they rot. They can take our occasional snow but not our moisture.
warmest regards, BOB

Andrea, I assuming you are referring to hardy geraniums. I have about 6 kinds and will be getting more. They are a wonderful, and a great cover for spring bulbs.
All the best, BOB

Dirty Fingernails said...

My preferred plant.. Daylilies, hydrangeas and evergreen herbs... Those are staples all over the yard for me.. When I lived in Silverdale it was roses, pansies and snaps (we rented so I could only plant a few perennials).. Those rose bushes are still there to this day..

lisa said...

Thank you also for linking me! Favorite plant? Oh man....kinda like boys-I like em' all! ;-) Seriously, I think I like ice plants, hardy cacti and succulents the best-no muss (except cacti-they rot for me :( , no fuss, and they look great all year! (Except cactus in the winter, then they're wrinkly.) Hopefully I can re-do my cactus area for better results, my prickly pear is only 3" tall, same size as when I planted it in 1999! *sigh*

Kylee said...

You're right! Echinops is a really great plant. Once it starts blooming, it keeps going, too. Very cool.

Favorites for me are the echinaceas, especially the 'Big Sky' series.