Saturday, February 28, 2009


Well it's getting to that time of year where seeds that have been
ordered are arriving and I get ambitious in getting the garden going.
Last Fall I started some seeds for Fall/Spring colour. Above are some shots of some of them. Pictured are Viola 'Blue Haven' from the Viola Sorbet series. I was amazed at there vigour, and how quickly they started blooming, showing flowers at only 1 1/2 inches tall. This hybrid grows to about 8 to 10 inches wide and generally to about 6 inches high. Performing best in full sun, this Viola responds favorable to often fertilizing (every 2 to 3 weeks) during the growth season. It well reseed but if you going to have volunteers popping up in the garden I can think of many that would be worse. I started several flats, gave out a few, and have heard wonderful comments on how well this viola is doing. I'd have to say if your looking for a very easy care annual this that give you months of colour and delivers old fashion charm then this Viola is for you.

validus - meaning strong, robust
plants with this word - Lobelia validus