Saturday, November 24, 2007


It's seems that when one looks forward to life slowing down a bit that it actually gets busier. That is definitely the case for me. This weekend I will try to finish the end of season clean up in the garden and the 2008 edition of the BOBSGARDEN.COM calendar. That being said, I thought that it would be nice to share the pictures of last years calendar. The photos were selected to coincide with their bloom time or the celebration of a holiday during that month (i.e. red in February for Valentines Day, green in March for St. Patty's day, etc). All pictures are of the garden during different times of the year.














Even though putting together the calendar is a lot of work, it is something I do really enjoy. And for friends and family it is something that is look forward to, certainly making all the effort worth while.


Shady Gardener said...

No wonder you've been busy! Last year's photos are just beautiful! Will you share 2008 photos later? (Sure wish I could have a copy!!!)

Missed your postings. Know you've been extremely busy.

We're beginning the winter season, although I think we'll have a few nice days ahead. Hoping to get just a few more bulbs planted!!! ;-)

Andrea's Garden said...

You are so right! I have felt exactly the same. Work is crazy, not to mention the daily "stuff" that you have to keep going. But your calender is really pretty. I especially like the July picture. Andrea

KC MO Garden Guy said...

I was thinking of doing the same thing...but not sure I will find the time with Christmas right around the corner. Still don't have the house all decorated. Not sure that I will get it all done. The pictures from last year look awesome!! Thanks for sharing, Cliff

Catherine said...

Wow..the perfect beautiful photo for every month~last year's calender is beautiful! Hope you are going to post the photo's you choose for your 2008 calender! :) I'm sure all your hard work and effort is much appreciated by your family and friend's ~it is a beautiful idea to share your garden, and photo's like that!

2greenthumbsup said...

I absolutely love the picture for December! Those pears are spectacular and it's so refreshing not to see snow associated with the month of December.

Dirty Fingernails said...

Love it.. I did a calender for my parents, my hubbies parents (2 sets) and my hubby. Various kid, yard and pet pictures.. It can be difficult to pick which ones.

lisa said...

What a great idea! I bet your family and friends really enjoy such a personal gift. Don't feel bad about being so busy...I go out of my way to keep my obligations few and life simple, yet it "roars on" ahead of me more often than not!

Kylee said...

Beautiful, Bob! Last Christmas, our oldest daughter did a little calendar for me via VistaPrint using photos from my garden and I just loved it. No calendar for this year, so maybe I will just have to do my own!