Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Small---Creeping Zinnia (Sanvitalia procumbens) is a low growing Mexican native that's easily started from seed. This plants grows about a foot across and a few inches high. I sprouted them because I like the flowers, which look like little sunflowers, and as a understudy for some of the shrubs and perennials in the garden. The tiny flowers are roughly the size of a large blueberry. Very sweet!

Medium---Rudbeckia fulgida 'Goldstrum' is a staple of the sun perennial border. It's easy care, blooms for weeks, has few pests, and is really a tough plant. It can take a lot of abuse and keeps on going. The only challenge I have with it is that it does to well. Every 3 years I have to aggressively divide it, because it's so vigorous.

Large---Sunflowers (Helianthus Hybridus Idon'tknowus) are one of my favourite summer annuals. Easy to start, easy to grow, wonderful cut flowers, many colours, birds love them as well as we humans. They provide beauty, food, and cooking oil.
Whats not to love!


KC MO Garden Guy said...

The creeping zinnia sounds like a must have for me. I love the look of a miniature sun flower. I will have to check out the seed catalogs next spring to see if I can find it.
My Rudbeckia Goldstrum I have planted under a rose bush. This doesn’t seem to bother it one bit. It blooms up a storm every year and the shade probable helps keep from spreading so much.
I do love the sunflower. I haven’t planted any for a few years. You have inspired me to plant some next year.
Thanks for sharing and Happy Gardening!!

Anita said...

Hi Bob!

Very nice, your small, medium & large collection! I have a bed ful of yellow flowers where rudbeckia are blooming now, too!

Yes please,I would love to have some of your "special" sunflowers your talked about! And I am sure we'll find more seeds to swap in autumn! ;-))

Happy gardening and best wishes from Germany,

Catherine said...

Enjoyed my first visit to your blog...your garden, and flowers and photos are so beautiful!!
Love the Hydrangeas!!!

MrBrownThumb said...

I somehow ended up with some Rudbeckia (unknown) in my garden this year and thought about pulling them because I've never been a fan but after watching them bloom so cheerfully I didn't have the heart and I think I'll add more to the garden next year.

Colleen said...

Hmmm...Helianthus Hybridus Idon'tknowus....I think I have the same kind :-)

I just found this blog, and I'll definitely be back!

Bob said...

Thanks to all for the comments. And welcome to the newbies to this blog.
Happy gardening and all the best to all. BOB

lisa said...

I like the way you think...combos and collections like this are something I enjoy, too. As for the post, I like the way you sized the text to match-clever!