Sunday, August 05, 2007


It was a beautiful day yesterday, one of those chamber of commerce days, where the temperature was perfect with a slight breeze in the air. The gardens is all a buzz and a flutter with bees and birds, and the ornamental grass are tall and sway hypnotically in the wind. An occasional puffy cloud would meander over adding a little shade while I was toiling away in the garden. Many of springs glorious bloomers have long faded and have been cut down or have declined making room for summers bountiful colour. Sitting on my deck enjoying this magical moment I realized how mesmerized I was on the intense colour the Hydrangeas have become.
From the whitiest whites to pinks and lavenders. All shades of blue from sky to electric to royal. And lets not forget the purples, which to me are so vivid they almost look painted. This area produces some of the nicest hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla for those who are interested) I have ever seen. Depending on the hybrid, I have seen these plant from a diminutive 2 footers to mammoths of 8 feet. The maritime climate really bring out the best in these plants. Plus as an added feature if there wasn't already enough, the flowers are great for cutting once they have hardened off. These plants really are a joy to have in the garden.
Soon fall will be here and these intense colours will change. So for now I will remember what a beautiful day yesterday was and the Hydrangeas at their peak.

Many thanks to my neighbor for letting me take a couple of photos of her hydrangeas.
The top 2 pictures are hers. They are really beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Hello Bob,
Oh i just love hydrangea's and the second photo is my fav. I think they are called "lace tops." I'm nuts about them.
I have a few in my garden but alas, my garden is very new. No flowers this year . . . but soon!

Dirty Fingernails said...

i had to giggle about the Chamber of Commerce comment.. How true that is.. I love those darn Hydrangeas esp. those mopheads.. Which was your favorite plant?? I have been looking for a Lemon Daddy and hope to find one soon.

LostRoses said...

I love hydrangeas too and am in awe of their big fat flowerheads. Do you ever save any for indoor dried arrangements? I don't grow them so I love to see pictures of them on gardening blogs. Yours are wonderful!

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Wow! What great colors. I am jealous you can grow them so well in your area. Here they do ok but they haven’t lived up to my expectations. The best ones I have ever had I have grown in pots during the summer and they just bloom. But during the winter they die, so I start over. I have even tried the Endless Summer and I think it is called Ever Blooming. They look healthy but no blooms.
I will bet your neighbor feels lucky to have family next to her. I know ours does.

As always thanks for sharing.

Oh, send some of that chamber of commerce weather this way. We are in the upper 90s this week with no let up in sight.

Bob said...

Becki, I remembered last year you were fond of lace-caps. Had you in mind when selecting that picture.
Happy gardening, BOB

Dirty fingers, I like them all, especially fond of buttons and bows, and nikko blue, and endless summer.
Have seen lemon daddy, I was hoping it would be more yellow. More of a creamy colour.
all the best, BOB

Lostroses, I used to dry hydrangeas and other flowers when I owned my own florist/Nursery combo. I have not done it for a few years. As much as possible I try to keep fresh flowers in the house, either from the garden or the market. And I also keep a few blooming plants around inside. What can I say, I'm addicted to plants and flowers :)

Cliff, Your area is right on the edge for Hy. macrophylla. Their are some other hydrangeas that will work, like Hy. paniculata, Hy. quercifolia, and Hy. serrata. I have heard that these preform better in your area, but you may want to ask some of your garden club buddies. Of course there is always Hy. arborescens which is real hardy.

My neighbors are glad to have family next to them :) We have to add a little spice to the block.

I'll try to send some beautiful weather your way, BOB

marga said...

Hello Bob
Your hydrangea's are looking good.
Great colors.
I love them too.

Kylee said...

Oh what lovely hydrangeas! I love the blue lacecap (second photo). I'm going to try to manipulate the soil around mine next year so that I get more blues.