Monday, May 28, 2007


Took a stroll after work this afternoon to see what was blooming in the neighborhood. It seemed that all the late season rhodys were putting on a show. Rhodys are very common landscape plants in this area. Some gardeners will not use them because they are too common. I really like them. Always have. I remember when living in Central California having two in my garden and just babying them to get just a few flower clusters on each shrub. Fortunately the Seattle area is ideal for many types. So now I can enjoy them with much less work.


KC MO Garden Guy said...

I love them also. My problem are the deer here. They love to eat them as much as I love to grow them. Will have to try them again. Is there anything that doesn't grow well in your part of the country?

Bob said...

We are very blessed to have great gardening conditions. The only plants that don't do well here are the heat loving plants. Although we do get them here but they are are often used as annual (ie. bouganvilla, carissa, mandevilla, tibouchina).
all the best, Bob
Regarding the deer, have you tried the scarcrow motion sprinklers. Many gardeners in our area have had some success with them.

lisa said...

I use a product called "Liquid Fence" to combat deer-it works great, you spray it only once every 30 days, but it does smell quite terrible! (Only overnight, though.)

I wish I could grow rhodies, but it's too cold. I do okay with the "Northern Lights" series of azelias from Minnesota, though.