Friday, May 25, 2007


I only have two types of Bearded Irises in the garden right now. My favourite is Iris pallida variegata. The main reason I grow it is for the foliage which creates strong vertical lines in the mixed borders. The flowers are an additional bonus. I grow it with a little afternoon shade so the leaves look fresh through September (if grown with all day full sun the leaves crisp in summer). Its so easy to grow every gardener should make a small spot for them. Months long of a visual pop with very little effort. Differently a keeper.


KC MO Garden Guy said...

You are right Bob, everyone should make a shot for these in their garden. I got mine at the garden club meeting one month last year. It was really hurt by the late cold weather we had this year. I am sure it will come around.

Bob said...

Kc also try the Iris pallida argentea which is similar to the varigata but is with white marking instead of creamy yellow. I have it paired next to lambs ear. Both play off each other and help the other to pop in the landscape.