Thursday, May 24, 2007


I first planted my Akebias (Akebia quinata) about 4 years ago to cover some unattractive chain link fence in my front garden. Its covered the the 40' fence (just 2 plants) almost completely now and is a wonderful backdrop for some of the mixed borders in front of it. The best attribute about this vine besides its beautiful foliage is its fragrant flowers, which fills the entire front yard for weeks in April and early May. The aroma is that of a cross of vanilla and jasmine but its not over powering. The white flowering hybrid is 'shirobana', the mauve is a unnamed cultivar. Its one of my favourite vines, and even though it can be aggressive its easy to control with occasional pruning. I understand in some areas of the U.S. that its considered to be a weed but in my area it's not.


lisa said...

I like this vine, too. I tried one called 'Chocolate', and it grew nice, but froze out over winter.

KC MO Garden Guy said...

I think Lisa and I are in the same zone so she answered my question. I would have to grow as an annual. Thanks for sharing.