Saturday, November 04, 2006


Well the rains started in the other day, and here in the Pacific Northwest it suppose to rain until next March. So during this time of year I'll share pictures taken earlier this year. Not being a photographer or a writer for that matter, I'll take a picture that may not be as centered as it should or as in focus as it should, but from time to time a photographic miscalculation can turn into something rather lovely. This shot above, although slightly out of focus, turned out to be one of my favourite rose shots. To me it doesn't look like a picture but more like a painting. Either way I really like it and I hope you do too. The rose is "Queen Elizabeth" a floribunda thats been around along time (since 1954 to be exact) and its a real keeper.

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Anonymous said...

ahhh, her fragrance is lovely i bet.