Monday, November 27, 2006


When designing my yard I wanted to enclude some Barberries. There are so many to choose from, and I really only wanted one type in the front yard. I could have had several varieties of barberries, but didn't want a yard filled with deciduous shrubs only, especially stickery ones! When looking at the textural and leaf colour combinations that I was creating in the beds, I decided on Roseglow barberries. They has beautiful marbled foliage in shades of cinnabar and pale pink and when Autumn arrives the leave turn an electric coral colour ( see posting on November 6th, you can see their fall colour in the collage). Thriving in full sun I had the perfect locations for them. In Spring they fill their more mature branches ( they bloom on second year old wood) with myriads of tiny yellow flowers providing some early nectar for the local Mason Bees. And in fall, after the foliage drops, you get and additional show of small oval red berries. You can see what Roseglow Barberries look like when a little more mature in the posting on November 18th.
From time to time they need some pruning, which is best done in Winter or right before they leaf out. Generally Roseglows develop a vase shaped plant and unwanted stray branches and older wood need to be removed.

This plant should have a space in every yard if your looking for something very hardy with months of beauty and interest.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, yes, I'd like some. Maybe we can swap plants someday.

No snow here but we are getting some sleet and tiny hail.
B r r r r r r r

George Africa said...

Hello Bob;

Just found your link on An Iowa Garden. One of my sons lives in Seattle and I get out once a year. If you had a little more sun and a little less rain, I could enjoy it more.

You mention Molbaks in your piece on pointsettias. I went there in late June just to see the place because it is written up in many trade journals and it's very big by east coast standards. I enjoyed the visit and found the staff really helpful. I was interested in conifers and hostas and they made it clear I was a little late. I was especially interested in a multidirectional weeping larch but they were no place to be found.

I bought 6 Rose Glow barberries at a nursery close out several years ago and now they are 3' X 3'. I do recommend them too. I planted one with some other conifers in a sunny area and interplanted with Oriental lilies and it became a special design.

Thanks for some great photograpy!

George Africa

Bob said...

Thanks for much for dropping bye. Glad you like Molbaks, I was a garden manager there a while back. They are a wonderful company. Now I'm a garden buyer and inventory manager for a large garden center closer to my home.
You are a wise garden selecting some barbarries for your. They are a great plant that is way underused.
all the best for a great garden year.

Bob said...

Sorry for the typos george, My mind works faster than my finger can type.