Sunday, November 05, 2006


Here are some photos of a lace-cap hydrangeas in my garden for Becky. I only have two hybrids in the garden right now. These are pictures that came from the same flower, showing how it changes colours as it matures. This Hydrangea is 'Lady in Red'. It has red stems and red veins on all of its leaves and in fall it turns a beautiful red. The flowers start out white and slowly change to an intense parrot blue. Sorry I don't have a good pictures of the wonderful red foliage. The resent hard frost took care of any Autumn colour. In the future I'll share some photography of an amazing variegated hybrid that I recently planted.
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Anonymous said...

Oh thank you Bob, for sharing this. I just love the lace-caps. They are so special.
I can't wait to see what mine look like after the winter sleep they are going into.

Wow, isn't it raining cats and dogs now!