Friday, September 22, 2006


As mentioned in a previous post I have an affinity for bright coloured flowers. So naturally I'd have to fine a place for at least one Canna Tropicana. The foliage is striking with strips of oranges and reds, and the flowers are the borne on red stems and buds opening up to the most intense orange. This tropical native is not hardy in my area so I keep them potted in frost-free ceramic containers and place them in a protected area for the winter. When growing, I locate them in one of the hottest areas of the garden and give them plenty of water. Some of my contemporaries plant there Cannas in the ground and dig them up every autumn or plant them in large nursery pots, place them in the ground, and when late fall comes, remove pot and all into the garage for protection. Which ever the method they are well worth the work.

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