Sunday, September 10, 2006


Agastache foeniculum or as it is know by its common name ANISE HYSSOP is a easy care hardy perennial. It prefers full sun although it can be grown in part sun/part shade and has lovely lavender blue to french blue flowers. A bee and hummingbird favourite, make sure you keep it irrigated weekly, located in good drainage and deadheaded to lengthen blooming period. There are many types of Agastaches but right now I only have this species in my garden. I was attracted to the licorice scented leaves and the french blue flowers. It can get tall but can be kept shorter by pruning to half when the perennial reaches 18" tall. The picture shows how tall it can get before I learned this pruning technique. Next year, in another area of the garden I'll plant Agastache rupestris ( SUNSET HYSSOP). The foliage smells wonderful and has orange flowers ( one of my favourite flower colours).

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