Tuesday, October 23, 2007


The next few posts will feature the beautiful fall colour in the area. In the Northwest (especially in the Sound area) we don't have the Autumn colour like that of the Northeast. But we do get some beautiful Fall foliage, and it's generously accented with our abundant evergreens and conifers.

For many, Fall is a time trepidation. Some people hate to see the lengthening shadows of Autumn, knowing that the sun is slowly retreating to the South, bathing gardeners below the equator with longer days. Others know that Winters grip will soon be upon us. We all can recall recent cold Winters were the garden lies dormant, and we wait anxiously for the Springs warming sunshine. For me, I love Fall. I love sweaters and warm layers of clothing. I love the crisp chilly air and my nose being cold. I love sitting by a fire with loved ones drinking coffee ( the main liquid refreshment of this Seattle area) or cocoa and sharing the days goings on. I love to be able to make pot roasts, soups, stews and other meals that warm the body and heart. I love to bake and enjoy sweet goodies and not worry about heating up the house with the oven. I love flannel and corduroy and leather jackets and all fall clothing. I love all the new plant catalogs that are arriving daily, seeing whats new in plants and seeds. I love Fall bulbs, and know for me they can be a real addiction. I love Autumn leaves on the road and with a gentle breeze watch them dance across the it. And I especially love Fall leaves. It is truly amazing to see a leaf start out green and transform into a myriad of the most incredible colours.

Autumn is a wonderful time of year. Lets all enjoy the beauty of the season and savor all it has to offer.

The above photos are of some of the views from my backyard. Through out the year, and especially in Autumn, the clouds condense and squeeze against the mountains to the East while to the West it is clear. Giving me many evening where rays of the setting sun high light the Cottonwoods, Alders, and Conifers.


LostRoses said...

Bob, I agree with all of the things you said about autumn (except the coffee part - switch that to Diet Coke!) and I think it really is a season to enjoy. To me it seems shorter than all the other seasons, I guess because the leaves change and fall in such short order when I could look at them for a long time. Oh yeah, swishing, swirling leaves - you just have to revel in it! Cool post!

Andrea's Garden said...

Just a quick note.. because it is way late over here. The pics are beautiful and it really is a time to enjoy and slow down. Andrea

Shady Gardener said...

Is it the Alders that are light golden? Beautiful trees! I really can echo your general feelings for the season of Fall, and you're right about the baking and making nice warm-your-tummy soups, stews, breads, etc.(and all through the winter). I'm sure you can appreciate the anticipation and arrival of Spring, we have here in Iowa! Summer is when you can walk around and play in your garden water it and love it and sit in it... so, you see, I can hardly pick a favorite season!

Catherine said...

For me just switch it from coffee to hot cocoa!! :) I think Autumn is bittersweet, there is lot's of beauty, but I know what is on the way..and even though winter is a time of beauty, It's not my favorite time!! Guess we just try and enjoy each season!! Your photo's are beautiful~ You have beautiful views from your back yard.
Thanks for sharing!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Great post Bob. I like Fall too but then again I like all the seasons. Every season has a charm all of its own, don't you think? I wouldn't want to live somewhere where it's the same weather all year round. Boring!

I also like to cook and am in favor of using seasonal food. So no strawberries for me in Winter.

Great pics!

lisa said...

I agree with you-fall is my favorite season, too. So you're a bulb junkie as well? Did you buy any this year? I got kinda carried away (400+), but the spring show will be worth it, I hope! Much as I love coffee (drink plenty every day), my favorite fall drink is hot cider with a cinnamon stick (or cinnamon Schnaaps, whatever ;-)

Andrea's Garden said...

Bob, had to write this here. :-) Come on over - a Merlot will be fine. Just told my husband you may drop by. /Andrea

Layanee said...

What a beautiful view and the fall sentiments are great also! I'll drink anything...Hot buttered rum?

Laurie & Chris said...

Great pictures Fall is my favorite season!! I love the changing of leaves. Thanks for sharing.

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Bob, I wish we had those views here. You obviously have a wonderful home and gardens. For me fall is all about the color and slowing down of our daily lives. I often wonder, especially this time of year, where the summer went?
Thanks for your comments on my last post. I can say the same about you. Happy Fall Bob!!!

eda said...