Monday, October 08, 2007


Autumn has arrived in Northwest with the typical cool rain and wind. Between storms we Northwest gardeners work feverously to clean up what we can. There is cutting down the perennials, weeding, putting down mulch, all the the traditional chores of seasonal climate gardening.
While working today I spotted the Hardy Cyclamens in bloom. I've had these for a number of years and they always delight me when I see them in colour. They are nestled beside several of the hydrangeas in the yard, actually somewhat hidden unless one was looking, and are very sweet and delicate in colour and form. Furnished with a soft fragrance somewhat reminiscent of old fashion violets, they bloom in late Fall till early Winter. There are many species, several that bloom other times of the year, but mine I believe is Cyclamen hederifolium a late season bloomer.
The blossoms make their appearance first followed by beautiful foliage. The leaves are uniquely marbled with silver and different shades of green and they alone make this bulb worthy of a place in any garden. Being one of the most reliable Hardy Cyclamen, it has been even known to show great vigor and reseed.
C. hederifolium is considered one of the most cold tolerant of Cyclamens easily handling temperatures to Zone 3 (-40c).

Like Crocus in Spring or the Hardy Cyclamen in Fall it is often these small charming bulbs that enamour us so when the weathers chilly.


LostRoses said...

Cyclamens are hardy, Bob? And to zone 3? Gosh, I've always used these in my shady window boxes and container gardens and threw them out after first frost. The ones I get here in zone 5 are probably a different variety but they sure look like yours! Very interesting.

Bob said...

Lost roses, Sounds like you have used the florist cyclamen (C. persicum) which is a great bulb and usually used as an annual. C. persicum is much large and showier then the one I have. If you are at all interest in other hardy cyclamens go to and get the scoop on many cyclamens that are hardy in cold weather areas.

Layanee said...

Bob: I've planted them once but find I will need to try again! I try three times and then....outta here!

Catherine said...

Your Cyclamen are beautiful, I didn't realize they were hardy..I live in zone 7, I have always bought them at this time of the year for there beautiful color, & just kept them, everytime I visit I learn something new!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Like you, I love Cyclamen. The botanical Cyclamen I like the best because they are scented. I grow them in my conservatory.

A few years ago I was on holiday in Normandy, France in September and one day I came upon a field full of hardy cyclamen. I will never forget that sight, it was simple wonderful.

lisa said...

Nice! I tried these once unsucessfully, but I blame the nursery that sold me the puny plants. Do you know of any good mailorder sources offhand?

Anita said...

Hi Bob!

Sorry I haven't been here for a while but life has been so busy during the last couple of days!

I'd like to have some of those hardy cyclamen in my garden, too! Well, there are actually lots of plants that I'd love to have..... ;-))

By the way, I hope to be able to plant my new rose border in November! But unfortunately, I still need to make up my mind on the different sort of roses that I will purchase. I am still looking for old roses in white and soft pink but to be honest, there so many different and wonderful looking varieties that I am jsort of lost.... ;-((

Have a wonderful week-end and happy gardening!

Best wishes from Germany,

Bob said...

Layanee, You are more generous than I when it comes to plants, If they don't make it the first time I don't try them again. The most important issue with cyclamens, not only giving them their cultural needs, but making sure you purchase the hardy ones. For a list go to They have a great list and pictures of the hardy types.

Catherine, Always glad to see you stop by, most nuseries don't carry these (Hardy Cyclamen). So you may have been buying the florist type, which are sold at most nurseries and garden centers, especially this time of year and in Spring. Generally the hardy cyclamen are sold as a bulb. Not saying they are never sold potted but in my 30 years in this business I've never seen them sold this way.Hope this info helps.
I'm glad you learn something every time you come by. That's the purpose of this blog is to be used as an educational tool and to share gardening ideas. Thanks for the complement and for making my day :)

Yolanda, I would of loved to see that field in blooms. Sounds amazing.

Lisa, I don't know of a website that sells these. Maybe the site that I have mentioned above might be of usefulness to you. In what I know of your garden, they really sound like your type of plant. You really value the uniqueness and individuality of each plant.

Anita, I don't know it if they have a rosarian society over there, but I would thing you would. They would be a great resource for you regarding you roses. All the best, BOB

Wurzerl said...

Hi Bob, I am the first time here in your post, I like it and see lovely Cyclamens. I have in my garden two Cyclamens. Autumn and Spring blooming Cyclamens with wonderful leaves in red pink and white.
Wish you a nice Sunday Wurzerl

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Hey Bob, I just realized it had been a while since I have been to your blog when I saw this post. I would not have posted mine about my cyclamen if I had known you had done one before me. I was just so excited that mine was blooming and thought I had something unique. Should have know you alrady had it;). You do a much better job giving information and explaining about plants than I can. Thanks for the information. Take care, Cliff