Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Begenia is wonderful very hardy perennial that I planted in some of my shadier locations in the garden. It has a sculptural quality and contrast nicely with many of the finer textured shrubs that are planted next to it. Spring brings bright pink flowers ( there are also white and rose-red hybrids available) surrounded with large, almost leaf lettuce like, foliage that turns red-burgundy in fall. Occasional dividing is needed in early spring to keep it at its best and you have to have the snail/slug bait handy because they will munch on this plant ( as you can see in the picture).
Native to mountains of China and the Himalayas it is remarkably hardy for such a tropical looking plant. Bergenias are no to picky about soil as long as it drains well and preforms best with a light fertilization twice in spring.

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lisa said...

I see from your picture how unhappy MY bergenias must be...I have never seen them bloom! *sigh*