Wednesday, March 14, 2007


The Daffodils in the garden are starting to bloom and the first ones to open are the 'Dutch Masters'. They always brighten up the yard especially with all our grey skies up here in the Northwest. I only have a few varieties in the mixed borders and I'll share them with you as they bloom. When I see them blossom it always reminds me that I need to get more of them :)


lisa said...

I have a real sickness when it comes to daffodils and narcissus...they have so many cool varieties out there, and I want to group large drifts of various color schemes. Then I get the bulb order and realize I now have 200+ holes to dig-YIKES!

Anonymous said...

I live in Kansas and have been searching for landscaping designs to do the front,back and sides of my home. I come upon your blog and wish you were my neighbor...such lovely flowers/design...can you give me some ideas on landscaping for the front?
I had a guy who does landscaping come out and give me a suggestion...which is:
Red rose azalea, stella day lillies, blue hosta, alberta spruce, crison pygmy, barberry and 1 1/2"clump redbud - what is your opinion on the selection? So,if you can imagine this in front of a 2 story home frt/bk split. there is a stairway and in front of it (facing the street) there is a slope/hill)so he has a small retaining wall connecting to a lrger wall that wraps around to the side of house.
I hope you can help as I'm tired of looking through books, magizines, and visiting stores. thank you for any imput you can suggest.