Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Today was an amazingly beautiful day with a record high of 70 degrees (typically it's 55 degrees in early March). I actually got a chance to cut the lawn for the first time this year and have been diligently working on trying to keep ahead of the weeds. All the bulbs are up and always the first to bloom in my garden are the Blanda Amemones. I have them located in small clusters next to several of the garden walkways where I can easily see them and enjoy their diminutive form.
They spread, forming small delicate groupings and bloom for roughly 6 weeks. When planting them remember to place them in a location that goes undisturbed and has great drainage. The tubers look like small bits of bark and it is very difficult to tell the top. Soak the bulbs for a few hours, and last seasons growth scares will be able to be seen. Blandas come in many colours from whites, blues, and purples to pinks and lavenders.

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Coe said...

Great Pictures, glad to see you are keeping us up to date on your garden.