Tuesday, October 24, 2006


It's funny that when I mention Lambs Ear (Stachys byzantina) to gardeners there is always 2 responses. Either they hate it because it can be aggressive and flop over when in bloom or love it for its ease of care, its hardiness, great colour, and for its velvety leaves. I of course like it for all the latter. I love the light gray foliage which plays off any colour in the garden acting as an enhancer to what ever you plant it next too. It's very easy to control, it pulls out of the ground with a simple tug. And finally it so easy to grow, taking very little water and care. The hybrid I have was suppose to not bloom but as you can see, it does. I'm glad though, it adds some dimension and height to the front of the borders where I usually locate it. Finally, I love it for how tactile the leaves are. Who hasn't stop and reached down to touch it soft foliage.


Anonymous said...

Oh Bob, YES! Lambs Ears are great in the garden. Like you said, so easy to grow and such a delight to reach down as your walk along the garden path and feel the soft soft leaves.

lisa said...

Ha...I LOVE it, too! Up here in extreme NE Wisconsin, it grows wild, forms large colonies, and blooms yellow. Plus, the birds seem to love the seed...especially goldfinches and chickadees!