Monday, August 04, 2008


Earlier this year I removed all my dahlias, gave them away, and replaced them with new dwarf varieties. The old types that I had were beautiful but required staking and some extra work. I'm, at times, a lazy gardener and got tired of the maintenance. So the new dahlia bed is fill dwarf hybrids that top out at a max of 36 inches and come in a rainbow of colours. The flowers are all standard sizes, many with long enough stems for cutting, but they require no staking. It's wonderful! In the raised bed with the dahlias I've also planted cactus flowing Zinnias to round out the display. Once the the bed fills out I'll share a picture.

What does this mean?
laevis --- soft
plants with this term; Aster laevis, Escallonia laevis



Anita said...

Dear Bob!

Nice to hear from you again! And thanks a lot for your explanations on my herb (that is no longer unknown to me now)! By the way, I recently blogged about another unknown plant and I am still unsure what is is (my readers had quite different opinions on its name). Click here:
It would be great if you could identify this, too!

What pretty dahlias you have! I just have a white one this year but it's still quite smal.

By the way, did you find out on my blog that almost 20 roses arrived at our garden during the past 20 months? ;-)) I remember what wrote about roses last year. Unfortunately, I discovered that one of the barerooted old roses that I planted in spring this year is dead (Petite de Hollande). What a pity. I am thinking of replacing it soon, maby by "Rose de Resht".

Take care and happy gardening!

Best wishes from Germany, Anita

lisa said...

Wow, so 36" is considered a DWARF dahlia? I can see how taller varieties would be a pain! My favorite is the spiky flower in the last picture.

Regina said...

Hi Bob!

Wow! Your dahlias looks very pretty.
I like dahlias,I have pink,yellow,
white and orange dahlias in my garden

I wish you a nice week!

Greetings from Germany,Regina

Bob said...


thanks for stopping by. I'll take a look at the plant you listed and see if I recognize it.

Ya, 36 inches is dwarf. Most of mine are only going to top out at 28 to 30 inches. The spiky dahlia is one of my favourites too.

Regina, glad you loved the pictures. It's always great to hear from another dalhia lover. Thank you.

KC MO Garden Guy said...

I have had a facination with dahlias since I was a kid. The problem hear is that I have to dig them up each fall and store them over winter. Pain #1. They do need staking if not staked they take up too much room and then there is the dead heading.Pain#2. So I have decided unless it is a border dahlia that I can replace every year I won't plant them. Bu I leave it open to change my mind of course. Your dahlias are very pretty Bob!!