Sunday, September 30, 2007


There have been several recent posts about things gardeners do not want in their gardens (NIMG). I have gotten enjoyment out of these posts and decided to post to a same topic but with a twist.

I have never been a big fan of yard art. Not that I feel it's a horrible thing, it's just that I have always been a big lover of plant material and the yard art is very secondary to me. Now don't get me wrong thinking that it shouldn't be in someones yard, I feel in the right place and with a sentimental value it a wonderful thing.
On that note, I have always felt a connection to the natural world and all yard accessorizes I have in my garden have some kind of connection of nature or about nature.

(IMG) I like incorporating occasion pieces of wood that I have found on hikes or on travels. Most have interesting shapes and features and remind me of the location they were found or the person I was with.

(IMG) I love bugs and critters and have often heard that crickets and dragonflies are good luck. So I have a cricket nestled in a pot of saxafragia and a dragonfly bell that gently rings in the breeze.

(IMG) I have a leaf motif going through my entire house. So when I find something a little different and unique for the garden with a leaf on it I find a place for it. Plus in Lower Issaquah Height (the mountain ridge I live on) there is often a wonderful breeze. The chimes are a joy to work by and beautifully add to the sounds of the many birds in the area.

(IMG) I don't have any lighting in my garden currently, so in continuing with the leaf motif, I have glass leaf luminaries lighting the garden during evening get-togethers or for quite meditative moments of solace.

(IMG) And finally I have two decorative stepping stones in my garden. One of course made with the imprints of maple and oak leaves. The other, pictures above, has the sentiment that I often remind myself of, "Sow with patience, Reap a full harvest". Wonderful words to live by... don't you think?


Andrea's Garden said...

Thanks for sharing that! I enjoyed looking at the natural pieces since my next door neighbor has "a hand" for finding interesting pieces of wood and using them to decorate his garden. Take care, Andrea

Layanee said...

Bob: I love all of those pieces and especially the wood pieces which are so unique!

Shady Gardener said...

It seems to me you found more items of interest hiding in and around corners than you thought! Nice accents. Great gardening. Thanks for your helpful information. Keep it up, please!

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Hey Bob, I am glad I am not the only one that uses wood as accents. Not many people do around here. For me and my garden how it is situated next to the woods it only makes sense to incorporate and old stump or log. I also like the metal and stone as accents. Thanks for sharing what you use. Love the wind chimes!!
Happy Gardening, Cliff

Yolanda Elizabet said...

I love the leaf motiv you got going in your garden and that stepping stone is just stunning. Love the sentiment it expresses too. Wind chimes are a must in my garden too, just as old bits of wood that I find here and there.

Catherine said...

I like adding garden ornaments..but I prefer they look natural~like they are part of nature and mother nature placed them there herself~I don't like anything to take away from the beauty of the plants & flowers...
Great post...Great blog, a fun read, great pictures, & lots of great information!! Your blog is also put together beautifully, I like the way you match the color of the text to your photo's,
I'm adding your link to my fav.'s so I will remember to check back often!
Thanks for sharing, Your garden is beautifully accented!!


LostRoses said...

I admire your garden art, Bob, and your restraint. I have way too much garden junk "art" but can't seem to help myself. I also love dragonflies and leaves as a garden motif, but I think have 10 other motifs besides! Wonderful stepping stone you have.

Wicked Gardener said...

Bob - Like the blog! I agree. I too have a distaste for garden art. I like your idea of natural elements. I wish I had a plentiful source of drift wood or round river rock - both scarce in Central Florida!

lisa said...

I like your art, especially the wood pieces. I used to prefer only natural accents, but in the last few years I've accumulated more kitschy and cartoonish stuff, too. (Age-related, maybe?) I like the windchimes also, but I keep mine in the screen house so it'll only chime when it's really windy. To hear it all the time distracts me from the bird's songs, and drives me a tad crazy. But it's windy here a lot.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Love the leaf motif, I use leaves inside, the luminaries are especially beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Yes wonderful words.

i do like also what you said about yard art.
your creative expressions are very soothing and natural.

i just may rethink some of my yard art for it is truely
j u n q u e .