Monday, February 12, 2007


On one of my monthly strolls at Bellevue Botanical Garden I came across several Witch Hazels in bloom and it reminded me to invest in one for the my own garden. They are a small tree/shrub with an open vase shape form, that blooms in the middle of winter and finishes off the year with beautiful fall foliage. Many are fragrant, so the best time to purchase is now (which gives me a great excuse to visit some nurseries). There are several types of Witch Hazels, but the most popular and most common are Hamamelis x intermedia which is a cross between H. mollis and H. japonica. These slow growing small trees reach only 12 to 15 feet and occasionally need guided pruning to encourage their vase shape. Planting in full sun produces the best fall colour and the greatest amount of flowers.
Pictured above are hybrids 'Diana' which has the red flowers and 'Primavera' which is yellow.

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lisa said...

I have a yellow-blooming witch hazel (unsure which cultivar-I'm at work and can't look). It's just a tiny twig now, but I can't wait until it's big like that!